Why a School Blog?

During the autumn holidays of 2019 I created our school’s news web site after the original site mysteriously disappeared.  More about the website in a later article.  After pending most of my holiday on it, I realised that it suffers from the age-old problem of websites – it it is static!  How easy isn’t it for a website to become boring…

Most web sites… visit it once and you’ve seen it all – except when there is some content such as downloadable forms available which you may need maybe once.

Keeping you basic web site dynamic is hard work, not only to generate content, but also to update it. 

Let’s see… you have a great idea about something to add to your web site.  You create it.  Now your site needs to be updated.  You email your designer or administrator and do some paperwork like paying (yup, every time you update beyond a certain amount of times, you pay).  You wait, something may be wrong, or you find some errors and start over… a week later, if you are lucky, it is updated.  Who cares then that the content was new?  It is now outdated.  I will publish some hints in a later article that we are going to use to keep our web site dynamic.

After going through this frustrating process once or twice, guess what?  You do not try to update any longer, and your site becomes just another static site.

So, a solution for this – BLOGGING!  Only problem was, I’ve never used it, never read about it.  So, Google-up, and then I realised what it is.  Blogging is what news articles on News24 etc is all about, real time news about real time events.  

Next, blogging software, hopefully for free.  In the back of my mind, WordPress, but I keep it there as it sounds too complicated.  Fired up my local server, and started to search around on the web.  I think the first one I tried was Gila, after some hours I realised, simplistic, not what I wanted.  Then Serendipity which also failed my needs.  Then I got to Phpfusion, nice, complicated, heaps of features, installed, spent a day on it – and then, too many broken stuff, or stuff that didn’t work the way I want it to.

So, let’s try WordPress, 75 million websites cannot be wrong.  Lo and behold, 5 minutes later it is installed, and here we are.  Integration with the web site, another few hours later, is up and running.  Some customising, tuning, and this is now just what I wanted – and easy to use platform where users can register in real time and publish articles to create dynamic site content.



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